I was talking with my wife about how we don’t really think about what really means when we say Jesus died for our sins.  And then later that night they showed a clip from The Passion of Christ at church.  I was thinking about this on my way to school today and I felt the need to write a song to help us grasp the reality of what he went through.
By: Jeffrey Reum
I was condemned to die, to live in an eternity of pain
The wrong I’ve done has earned me this fate
There is nothing I can do to reverse this decree
But my destiny was change on that tree
With every blow from the whip your back was mangled
Despite the searing pain your love for me kept you there
When the drove the nails it must have been excruciating
And as your life slipped away the fear was probably overwhelming
Your divine right, you laid down; your mighty army you stayed
All for me, All for me
You took my place, on that cross; I’m set free, my sin is gone
By your love, by your love
I just want to say thank you,  I just want to say thank you

My commentary on “Why I Hate religion but Love Jesus”

Why I hate religion but love Jesus

His interview with ABC just click the link Below


My commentary on “Why I Hate religion but Love Jesus”

By: Jeffrey Reum

                I think that this was a good title to choose for his video, because it sparks people interest on both sides of the coin.  For some it was like “yes take that religion “and watched and for others it was like “What, on no he didn’t” and watched.  If you use the classical sense of the word religion then you probably would have a problem with this title and what he is saying.  For people of my generation the word religion or religious has now been equated to hypocrites, fakes, and self-righteous people.  Churches and people that fit in this category don’t understand what it means to be a Christian or a God seeker.  They have perverted and soiled the message of God.  Casting Crowns has a song “If We Are The Body” and “Does Anybody Hear Her”.  That speaks about the issue.  While there may be some validity to all this that doesn’t mean that all Christians are like this.  There are people and churches out there that get it.  And while they may not be perfect they are doing their best.  The Church is simply a community of believers, a support system to help bear each other’s burdens and they should be willing and ready accept anyone willing to join.  So, we shouldn’t just write churches off, instead we should search diligently for one that gets it.  A good church is wonderful thing to have in your corner.

                A Christian is someone who is a God seeker.  This is someone who wants to know who God is and is not just out to get a pass to heaven and a new car.  A God seeker will always find God and will be changed by the encounter.  This person will have the traits of Jesus Christ (Christian) showing through more and more as they continue to seek him.  These are the kinds of people who should bear the name Christian.  It kind of drives me crazy when people claim this just because they “believe” in Jesus but don’t do much that backs up this claim.  What we believe decides what we do.  Now I’m not talking about people who have screwed up along the way, but the people who don’t seem to be making much of an effort.  We are all subject to falling and must constantly be in connection with God and on our guard to avoid succumbing to temptation.  Casting Crowns “Slow Fade”

                So, encourage you all to have more than religion, but to have a friendship with God through the blood of Jesus Christ.  See my post “Connecting With God”

“Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns

“If We Are The Body” by Casting Crowns