Announcement March 11, 2017

Hello Friends,

Today I want to announce that the i am HIS Ministries website is open.  The construction of the site is mostly done save the online store and migration of the previous post from my old site.  While I have your attention a new welcome email is under way coupled with a release of a small eBook “My Story” given for free when you sign up for my email list.  You may sign up now and will receive both the new welcome email and the book when it is completed.

I’m also looking for a supplier for my first product and hope to be operational with that by the end of the month.

Anyways there’s much to do and you’ll hear more from me soon.



I was talking with my wife about how we don’t really think about what really means when we say Jesus died for our sins.  And then later that night they showed a clip from The Passion of Christ at church.  I was thinking about this on my way to school today and I felt the need to write a song to help us grasp the reality of what he went through.
By: Jeffrey Reum
I was condemned to die, to live in an eternity of pain
The wrong I’ve done has earned me this fate
There is nothing I can do to reverse this decree
But my destiny was change on that tree
With every blow from the whip your back was mangled
Despite the searing pain your love for me kept you there
When the drove the nails it must have been excruciating
And as your life slipped away the fear was probably overwhelming
Your divine right, you laid down; your mighty army you stayed
All for me, All for me
You took my place, on that cross; I’m set free, my sin is gone
By your love, by your love
I just want to say thank you,  I just want to say thank you