Despite Your Wickedness

This is my latest song.  Still working out the music that goes with it.

I wrote this song to capture the fact that we can never be good enough for God.  Yet God still loves us and gave Himself for us.  When we accept that gift we can enter into His presence.  It is His presence that changes us.

Despite Your Wickedness

By Jeffrey Reum

Verse 1

I tried so hard to be good, to earn your favor and delight

But with each and every turn and every bend, my failure was a constant blight

I can’t seem to beat my inner evil, the deep desire for what is wrong

With each day it grows worse, but you love sings this song


I love you despite your wickedness

I love you even at your lowest

My grace, love and mercy are not prizes to be won

They are my gift to you; I’ll forgive you of what you’ve done wrong

Because I, I, I love you

Verse 2

I desire to be with you, myself is what I supplied

My death paid the price, now my wrath is satisfied

It broke down the wall that kept us apart;

Forever I’ll be by your side;

Verse 3

You can’t do it on your own, your nature is cursed

By my presence you are change, your wickedness decreased

My love overwhelms you and permeates your soul

It overflows to those around you, and you can fulfill your role


I was talking with my wife about how we don’t really think about what really means when we say Jesus died for our sins.  And then later that night they showed a clip from The Passion of Christ at church.  I was thinking about this on my way to school today and I felt the need to write a song to help us grasp the reality of what he went through.
By: Jeffrey Reum
I was condemned to die, to live in an eternity of pain
The wrong I’ve done has earned me this fate
There is nothing I can do to reverse this decree
But my destiny was change on that tree
With every blow from the whip your back was mangled
Despite the searing pain your love for me kept you there
When the drove the nails it must have been excruciating
And as your life slipped away the fear was probably overwhelming
Your divine right, you laid down; your mighty army you stayed
All for me, All for me
You took my place, on that cross; I’m set free, my sin is gone
By your love, by your love
I just want to say thank you,  I just want to say thank you

Commentary on I’m Here Waiting

God is alway in persuete  of you, even when you don’t want him to be.  Some people think that in order to come to God you have to get all your ducks in a row that you have to clean yourself up.  Well that’s not true.  In the song God says he is just one step away and that is the truth all you have to do is come to God and confess you sin and he will welcome you with open eager arms.  God does the clean up work not us.  We can’t do anything to help ourselves out of the mess we have gotten ourselves into.  Some people for some reason don’t want anything to do with God and will do everything they can to distance themselves from him.  But God doesn’t give up he relentlessly pursues you no matter how far you run away  And that is what I’ve tried to convey when I wrote this song.  God is waiting for you to take that one step, he is waiting to break the chains of sin death that have ahold of you.  Please read my post “Connecting with God” for more on what it is to have a relationship with God.

Read the Lyrics to “I’m Here Waiting”

Listen to the song

We Were Meant to Be

I wrote this song for my wife when we in high school, I belive it was for an anniversary.  I’ve considering placing on the album as a bonus track or something let me know what you guys think.

We Were Meant to Be


From an awkward beginning

To the Strong bond we have now, 

There have been lots of ups and downs, 

From the times you wanted to leave to the times

You couldn’t let go,  There has been a divine calling, 

A calling from God to which we can’t say no,



We were meant to be                   A love to last for all time

We were meant to be          Two people made for each other

We were meant to be            And together we will stand

In God’s eyes                  Together we will stand


Verse 2

As we look down life’s long road

We know we can make it

No matter how tough it may be

With your hand in mine

and our eyes on God


Lead By Example

Lead By Example

By: Jeffrey Reum


A Brand new life is born, a blank slate to write on

What an honor and a privilege, to be their teacher of your knowledge

And I’ll instruct them of your power, be a witness of your salvation

And show them your love for them, and show them your love for them


A picture of your love, sent from above

The love I have for them, is the love you have for me

I’ll cherish every second, and hold on to every moment

And show them your love for them, and show them your love for them


Pour out your spirit in me; fill me with your love

Reveal yourself to me; Let me see you face to face

Change me with your glory; I want to be a reflection of you

I want to lead by example; I want to lead by example

Failed Again

Just finished writing this one.

Failed Again

Jeffrey Reum

Verse 1

I did it again, another failure to the list

I feel so ashamed, I just want to die

I want it to stop, but I’m caught in its grip

I cannot escape on my own


I want to be free, free from this agony

Cut lose the chains, that entangle me

Lord change my heart, and renew my mind

I want to be pure, wash me make me new

 Verse 2

How can you use me, when I go back again and again?

How can I say to how to live for you when I can’t do it myself?

But in my weakness you are shown strong

When I stumble your grace abounds

Stand Up And Shout

I wrote this song for church camp one year.  The lyrics come from my notes and the them was live out loud.

Stand Up and Shout

Jeffrey Reum


It is time to get radical,   stand up for what is true

It is time to win the battle,   the ways of the world we’ll refuse


Got to stand up and shout,         it’s time to live out loud

Let’s take back what is ours

Got to raise the standard,    to what the word says

Ourselves we’ll not defile


We will not take,   what the devil says

To bring us down

We will stand firm,    in who we are

The children of God       chorus


We go t to be different,

Got to stand out of the crowd

Called to be salt,     called to be light

Got to be examples for the world         chorus

God’s House

God’s House

Jeffrey Reum


Welcome to this place, it’s a wonderful place to be

It’s God’s house, and it was built for you and me


Verse 1

It’s God’s house, why don’t you come and see

It’s God’s house, he can save you from hell

It’s God’s house, why don’t come and visit

It’s God’s house, it’s a wonderful place to be


Verse 2

In God’s house, there’s rest for the weary

In God’s House, the lost can be found

In God’s house, there is forgiveness of sin

In God’s house, is a wonderful place to be



Our Holy Father, can save us from the deepest pits of hell

Our Holy Father, can save us from the evil one

Rescue Me

Rescue me

Jeffrey Reum

 Verse 1

Searching for air, looking for the way out

This sea of hopeless sin, is sucking me in

Held down by fear, strangled by doubt

I can’t find a way, I need to be saved

 Pre Chorus

You have the power you have the answer

To my dilemma, to my condition


Rescue me, Release me

I’m caught in the devils grip

Rescue me, Release me

From these Chains I wear 

Rescue me, Release me

I’m in prison, Please rescue me

 Verse 2

Caught in the stench, of my dirt deeds

A filth I can not escape

Back I go, to my vomit I return

A vicious cycle with no end


   (Half time)

What will it take, to be free

Of this sin that has a hold of me

Wash me clean an lift me out

Of the trash and my doubt

Make Me

Make Me

Jeffrey Reum


Who am I,    I am not what I pretend to be

I desire and lust just as sinful as can be

But thanks to you I have been set free


Make me the man you desire me to be

A man of character and integrity

Humble and meek just as you are

Walking in your peace and love


Not bound by my deeds

But freed by your grace

Every failure is another lesson in this race   chorus


As I continue on in this race

I know there are lots of obstacles I must face

As long as I grab your hand in mine

Every thing will be just fine                       chorus